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Is my psychologist registered for the current calendar year?

The title of psychologist is protected by law in Belgium. Only registered psychologists may use the title. Using this search function, you can check whether someone appears on the official list of registered psychologists.

See the complete list of registered psychologists

What does this search function show?

  • The search result shows whether a psychologist is registered and appears on the official list of psychologists in Belgium.
  • If a psychologist is registered, his/her surname and first name will appear. The postcode and town of his/her work addresses will only be shown if we hold that information.
  • The results are only valid for the year 2016, and only for Belgium.
  • This search function is not intended to search for a registered psychologist at random, based on region or specialisation. 

What if the person does not appear among the search results?

Please check if:

  • you have spelled the surname correctly. The search tool is ‘space sensitive’ so beware of any spaces in compound surnames such as ‘Van den Berg’.
  • the person you are searching for actually uses the title of psychologist and/or works as a psychologist.

You spelled the name correctly and you are sure that the person you search for profiles himself as a “psychologist”? Then it is possible that this person is misusing the title of psychologist. In that case, you can report this misuse of the title to us. We will treat your report as confidential. If necessary, we will contact the person concerned.

Read more about the different forms and criteria of title abuse.