Composition of the Councils

This webpage was last updated on 23/08/2021.

Composition of the Disciplinary committee and the Board of Appeal

The Disciplinary Committee and the Board of Appeal both comprise a Dutch and a French speaking chamber.

Each chamber consists of eight people:

  • an actual chairperson (to be appointed)
  • a substitute chairperson (to be appointed)
  • three actual Members of the Board
  • three substitute Members of the Board

The Members of the Board were appointed among the registered psychologists. The chairperson and his/her substitute, both magistrates or experienced lawyers, have been appointed by the authorised minister.

The main office of the psychologist in question determines which chamber, Dutch or French speaking, is authorised for the treatment of complaints. If his/her main office is in the bilingual area of Brussels-Capital, the choice of chamber depends on his/her preferential language. If his/her main office is in the German speaking part, the presence of a Board member from the German region will be guaranteed.

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