Why a psychologist registered on the list?

This webpage was last updated on 19/03/2019.

The registration as a psychologist inspires trust in two different ways.

The relationship between a psychologist and his/her client is based on trust. After all, this plays a major role in achieving successful results. Registration as a psychologist benefits this trust in two ways.

More solid base thanks to the code of ethics

The registration is linked to the code of ethics for psychologists. This offers psychologists handles for the correct practice of their profession. A registered psychologist undertakes to meet his/her duties as best he/she can and to act as carefully in his/her profession as possible.

More protection through disciplinary power

A registered psychologist is linked to the Disciplinary Committee. This assesses whether he or she sufficiently meets the duties of his/her code of ethics. If you think that your psychologist has lost track, you can complain to the disciplinary body. Thanks to the work of this authority, the whole professional group gets the chance to adjust its ethical actions when necessary.

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